An Italian story of style, passion, creativity and craftsmanship since 1963. An unique mission: to create perfect handmade crocodile bags. Gino Gorreri founded GORRERI workshop in year 1963 after several years of apprentice in a shoemaker where he learned all of the secrets of leather. Gino and his staff of collaborators, over the years perfected all phases of production pouring a considerable refinement in his creations, such as designing in house the closure of the handmade bags, then made in solid brass forged, not stamped, and then plated at high thickness.


The crocodile skins are polished two times with natural stones and treated in a way to exalt the natural appearance of the animal making every scale slightly rounded. The lining inside is all made in goat and the light colour is chosen to exalt the natural grain of the leather, and prove the high quality also for the inside of each bag. Those are just some of the secrets that each bag carry with her and most of them has to be learned here in the small Laboratory where those pieces of art are created. Buying a GORRERI handbag you don’t have just a bag but a piece of art which contain the expression of the most refined Italian tradition.

Gorreri is pleased to offer a product that stands out from the crowd, unique and exclusive,
capable of giving protection and confidence in ourselves, it can make us distinguish and shine when we are together. A product that lasts, from which radiates passion of the work of Italian craftsman, a product that proves proud Italian heritage . Gorreri take care with all details to give you an accessory that looks like no other. All details are meticulously cared to create a high quality product. Gorreri selects each skin with the very greatest of care from the best tanners and certify that the origins of all the leather used for manufacture product are comply to the Washington Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of wild Fauna and Flora, known as CITES.